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Mike's nuliners, is a nuline dance class based in Anglesey and along the North Wales coast.

Nuline dance teaches choreographed routines, danced to a wide and varied selection of music genres from country to pop, latin to jazz and everything in between.

Nuline is a fun, friendly and welcoming group where you can come alone, with your partner, group of friend and make new friends.

Have fun, keep fit and boost energy levels at the same time.

  Mike Stringer

Mike has been linedancing since 1990 (at the young age of 8) having made the transition into instruction in 1998, and taking the plunge into choreography in 2012.

He now also runs events and is a Linedancer Radio Dj.

Mike can often be found in attendance at several social events along the North Wales coast and on occasions as far afield as Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool.

Mike comes across as shy at first, but welcomes hugs and chat, so if you see him out and about, don't hesitate to approach him and say hi, have a chat or a hug.